TeenTitans Pornography Story: A fresh Pal A fresh threat A fresh story II – Chapter One

TeenTitans Pornography Story: A fresh Pal A fresh threat A fresh story II – Chapter One

Old Gotham
Robin: “it’s time we left. The police can handle the H.I.V.E. I’d say we
earned a good rest.” Jinx, Gizmo, and Mammoth were tied together and
weren’t going anywhere.
Titan’s Tower
They all walked in slowly. Cyborg carrying Beastboy who was still out cold,
Robin was carrying the weakened Starfire, Phoatu and Raven floated in.
Raven: “what do we do about Beastboy?”
Cyborg: “we’ll let the medic-bots take care of him. Since he was in animal
form when he got hit, his human form wasn’t affected as badly. But he’s
still hurt pretty badly so he’ll have to stay in bed for awhile.”
Phoatu: “AAARGH!”
Raven: “hold still!”
Phoatu: “so you can KILL me?! OW!”
Raven: “don’t be so immature!” she was used water to flush dirt and
anything else out of the wound and was stitching the wound to close it.
Unknown Area
Slade: “welcome to Gotham. It is a pleasure meeting you.” A hooded figure
wearing a black robe walked in.
Man: “likewise. I have heard of your work. Tell me, if you want the Titans
gone, why don’t you rid them yourself?”
Slade: “I have my reasons.”
Man: “Have you executed the new server lists and new npcs?”
Slade: “yes. Now do your part of the plan.” The robed man began chanting
and was emitting a strange glow. Every computer in the world began to lag
and their monitors glowed.
Man: “it is done. Send someone to pick up Utaop and execute the rest of our
Titan’s Tower
Cyborg: “what the hell?!” a 4 ft. octopus with a crab’s exoskeleton popped
out of the computer screen and fired cannonballs out of its mouth at
Phoatu: “it can’t be!”
Robin: “what is that thing?”
Phoatu: “Robins go attack that octopus!”
Robin: “why me?”
Phoatu: “well I can’t fight like this! And trust me! It’s not as dangerous
as it looks!”
Robin: “here goes.” he runs up to it and punched and kicked to no avail.
Phoatu: “use a weapon!” Robin used his bo-staff to strike it and it
vanished in the form of cubes.
Raven: “why does that look so familiar?”
Phoatu: “remember that month that the computer room was closed off?”
Raven: “yeah how could I forget? People were attacked by something in
Phoatu: “also remember how people in strange clothing wandered about in the
school during that month?”
Raven: “yea. I also saw some people wearing clothes like yours.”
Phoatu: “this is gonna be hard to believe but that monster and those events
back at school were all linked to an online RPG.”
Cyborg: “you’re right, it is hard to believe.”
Raven: “you’ve seen the things magic can do Cyborg.”
Robin: “I wouldn’t be surprised if Phoatu is telling the truth. So how did
they solve it?”
Phoatu: “the only thing the teachers did was try to reverse the effects of
the spell that twisted reality and fused the game with the earth.”
Robin: “who did solve it?”
Phoatu: ..
Robin: “well?”
Phoatu: “Nick. Nick, me, and three other people”
computer room
Boy: “if they didn’t catch me skipping class, they won’t notice a game.” He
was installing Grail, an MMORPG.
Teacher 1: “what are you doing?”
Boy: “nothing ma’am” he cast a spell on the computer and hid the
installation process. The magic had a strange effect on the screen.
Teacher1: “you are not supposed to be in here! Classes are to begin in five
minutes! Now get your books and leave!” the boy leaves the room just before
another teacher brought in a class for computer skills.
Teacher2: “computer skills students! Today’s class will be free period! You
can do as you please on the computers. I.e.: you may play pre-installed
games, you may not go on the Internet. Understood?”
Class: “yes Ms. Yuna!”
Ms. Yuna: “good” all the students take a seat and use the computers.
Boy: “cool! I haven’t seen this game before.” He clicks on the Grail file
and selects begin. The computer displays a ‘you must be connected to the
internet’ message.
Boy: “what harm will it do?” he connects to the Internet unnoticed.
Computer: “create your player.” He makes his player look exactly like Link
from the Zelda games.
Boy: “hmm. there’s a smear on the screen.” He tries to wipe it off but ends
up falling through the screen. He gets up wearing the clothes he selected
from the character creation screen.
Grail Game
Boy: “whoa.” he looks at his hands to find himself carrying a sword and a
shield. He is in a forest and sees a sand path. He followed it for a while
and finds himself being chased by three knights wearing gray armor.
Boy: “hiyaa!” he slashed away at one of the knights. After two swipes the
knight fell.
Boy: *clank* “this isn’t that hard!” *clank* he said as he attacked the
other two. Suddenly six gray knights appeared, trapping him in a circle.
Computer room
Ms. Yuna: “hmm. what’s this?” she looks at the screen to see one of her
students in a game being chased by an army.
Boy: “Ms. Yuna help!” he yelled looking at the ‘sky’, which displayed the
outside world. One of the baddies spotted the outside world and began
floating upwards.
Ms. Yuna: “Eek!” she jumped back as the knight floated out of the screen
and landed right in front of her. It raised its sword and was about to
slash at her. Just then a student came with a wooden plank and whacked it
over the head. It stumbled back and flickered.
Yuna tried to cast a spell on it but the spell had no effect. The student
hit it one more time and it disintegrated.
Ms. Yuna: “everyone grab something and prepare to use it as a weapon if
anymore of those things appear! Ill go and tell the rest of the faculty!”
Alex: “Ms. Yuna! I play this game at home! Let me go in and help him!”
Ms. Yuna: “no you may not!” she ran to alert the faculty.
Nick: “now that she left I bet your gonna pull a hero act aren’t you?”
Alex: “yeah, so?”
Nick: “you’re gonna need some help.” They both jump into the screen.
Grail Game
Alex: “cool this is the same costume I chose for my character!” he was
wearing a blue robe-like shirt with dark blue pants, black shoes, and a
blue headband. In his hand he was holding a sword with a blue hilt and
handle, on his back he had a quiver with arrows and a bow. On his belt
there was a black suede bag with several bombs in it. Nick wore the same
thing in red.
Nick: “let’s look for him.”
Alex: “I think I saw him head into the Spiral Woods.”
Nick: “he may still be alive. It’s a level 1 area.”
Alex: “you have a p2p right?”
Nick: “yeah.”
Alex: “so you have a lvl 2 sword and shield?”
Nick: “of course!”
Alex: “good we can kill any of the baddies there with one blow.”
Spiral Woods (game)
Boy: “oh no! I gotta find somewhere to hide.” he was being chased by five
gray knights and three gray archers (knights with crossbows). He dodged the
bolts and jumped into some bushes.
Alex: “look! There’s a big group of baddies over there! He must be near!”
Nick: “you go ahead! I’ll stay here and take ’em out!” alex runs past the
baddies and notices a shaking bush. He dives into the bush and finds the
Boy: “who are you?”
Alex: “I’m a classmate. Follow me!” *BOOM!* a gray knight flies over their
Nick: “nothing beats going out with a boom when you’re in a crowd.” he
said, lobbing a bomb up and down.
Alex: “I found him now let’s find a way out.”
Nick: “hmm. lemme try something. LOGOUT CRIMSON RAY!” he desintigrated.
Alex: “hey Nick where are you?”
Nick: “I’m in the room! Say logout and your account name and It’ll take you
Alex: “you go first!”
Boy: “LOGOUT HYRULE KING123!” he desintigrated.
Computer room
He appeared in the computer room wearing all the clothes and equipment from
the game. So did Nick and the Boy.
Raven: “what does that have to do with anything?”
Phoatu: “let me finish!”
Nick: “we’ve got to go back!”
Phoatu: “why?”
Nick: “yeah! We can’t leave that server open! You’ve done every quest
Alex: “yep.”
Nick: “good. Yesterday I found out that there was an alternate ending!”
Alex: “so.”
Nick: “when you beat the last quest a hidden quest is opened. I know where
it is. I haven’t beaten it myself. What I do know is when you beat it the
enemies stop respawning unless you say enemy respawn.”
Alex: “so that would keep any baddies from getting trough.”
Nick: “exactly!”
Grail Game
Alex: “now what?”
Nick: “we have to go to the forbidden ruins.”
Alex: “that’s at least a twelve hour’s RUN! If we walked it would take two
Nick: “relax! Say as I say. –
.lvl” he warped away.
Alex: “oh sure ‘relax’ he says. –
.lvl” he warped right in front of a pyramid.
Alex: “I haven’t seen this before.”
Nick: “you can only warp to it.”
Alex: “how can you warp if you’re a PK’er(player killer)? Accounts that
have a long history of PK’ing can’t warp long distances.”
Nick: “well if you’re on the top 40 of any category you have access to
anything.i was No.13 of the PK’ers list.”
Alex: “not to brag but I’m No.15 of the Helpers list.”
Nick: “you ARE the goody two shoes aren’t you?”
Alex: “yeah. After killing players so many times you gained the ability to
suspend accounts and use widened ranged attacks.”
Nick: “you have the ability to restore accounts and use a blue fireball
that hurts any baddies, enemy NPC’s, and negative players and heals
positive players and good NPC’s.”
Alex: “enough talk lets get this over with.” They walk in to the pyramid.
illuminated to reveal eight statues in two rows of four across from each
The first two read LIGHTFLAME and DARKFLAME.
Voice: “Lightflame and Darkflame. Two sisters in eternal conflict. One
innocent and pure, the other corrupted and evil.” The statues displayed two
women wearing identical dresses, one dress light purple the other dark
purple. The dresses had a corset that exposed the bellybutton, had bare
shoulders, and the collar stopped two inches below the collarbone. The long
skirt was cut along one side to reveal the right leg. The statues were
faceless; all of the statues were faceless. The next two statues read
Voice: “Falcon and Phoenix. Two rival mages of opposite genders. Both
enigmas with dark pasts and a deep sorrow for the surrounding world.” Both
were wearing a hooded cape (cloak) that hid their bodies. The male
(Phoenix) wearing a white cloak and the female wearing a black cloak, you
could clearly tell the difference because there was a bulge in the upper
chest of the black cloak. The next two read BEASTWARRIOR and DEMONWARRIOR.
Voice: “BeastWarrior and DemonWarrior. Elves of opposite properties, both
can morph into creatures. Their names explain what kind.” Both wore a chain
mail shirt with a leather belt that strapped along the waist and over the
right shoulder, and pants with metal boots that reached just below the
knee. The next two were all too familiar.
Voice: “Phoatu and Utaop. Warriors of opposite causes. Both noble and
brave, one evil one good.” (We all know what they look like)
Voice: “enter these doors and face your counterpart!” Alex and Nick walked
down the hall and entered the room. It was round with four pillars near the
center. The magic spell that was cast earlier had a strange effect on the
game. As soon as they walked through the door, the room lagged and static
bars appeared everywhere. Two figures appeared in the center of the room,
which was now black and white due to the static. The figures had a clear
shape, but were completely black.
Nick: “I guess those are our ‘counterparts’.”
Alex: “I get the black one.”
Nick: -_-; “let’s get this over with.” He pulls out his bow and reaches
into his quiver. Alex reached into his bomb bag and threw a bomb at one of
the figures. The figure absorbed the explosion. Nick fired the arrow but it
ricocheted off of the other figure’s arm and hit the walls.
Phoatu: “we tried all of our weapons until we had nothing left. So we ran
out of the room and logged out. Eventually, we went in with the faculty and
helped them complete all of the quests so they could help us with the final
boss. The process took two weeks to complete all of the quests, and an
additional week to reach the Pyramid of Origin. We could not warp because
it was too big of a party. For some reason only Nick and me could enter.”
Ms. Yuna: “I don’t think we can go in.”
Nick: “I think only two could go in at a time.” Suddenly a hole appeared
beneath Nick.
Alex: “Nick!” he tried to grab Nick’s hand, but he was too late. A ray of
light lifted Alex into the sky.
Nick: “where am I?” he gets up and stumbles around. It was pitch black. He
leans against a wall and follows it until he saw light. He ran to the light
and saw that he was in a cave with a deep lava pool in the center. Utaop
descended and hovered above the lava pool.
Utaop (god): “you may be wondering why you are down here. You also may be
wondering why you couldn’t defeat those dark figures.”
Nick: “I may also be wondering who you are. Tell me who you are and why I
couldn’t defeat the figures.”
Utaop (god): “I am Utaop, the dark god of this world. You could not fight
those figures any better than you would fight a shadow.”
Nick: “what you’re saying is that those were shadows?”
Utaop (god): “exactly. They were shadows of your current self. In order to
harm them you must change physically and mentally.”
Nick: “are you making an offer?”
Utaop (god): “yes. If you get me out of this forsaken place I will grant
you with power beyond imagination.”
Nick: “how do I get you out?”
Utaop (god): “if you merge with me I may leave. All you must do is host my
data in your soul. You will be the same, yet different. The only
differences will be: you will be able to use my powers and have a full
understanding of how to use them. You will have knowledge of my past. And
you and me will be one. We will share the same body, but we will have two
different minds; of course you will have priority over the body’s control,
although I may take control with permission.”
Nick: “we have a deal. Lets get this over with.” A tornado of lava emerged
from the pool and enveloped Nick and Utaop.
The sky (game)
Alex: “what is this place?” he finds himself standing on a cloud. Several
feet in front of him was a swirling gust of white cloud and cherry blossom
leaves. All of the cherry blossom leaves converged in the center, when they
parted Phoatu appeared where they were.
Phoatu (god): “I am Phoatu light god of Grail. I bring you here to ask for
a favor.”
Alex: “that favor would be?”
Phoatu: “(explains the whole ‘shadow’ story) Also my nemesis has made plans
to escape from here. I must pursue him and make sure he causes no harm. He
may have his way here but in reality no one can respawn. I ask of you a
simple favor.”
Alex: “I may accept. But I know there is a catch.”
Phoatu (god): “if you allow me to merge with you, I will grant you with
powers beyond your imagination. We will share the same body but have
different presences of mind. You will know of my past and origin. And with
your consent I may have control of your body but you will have primary
Alex: “I sense that I can trust you. But if at any time I want to unmerge
will we be able to?”
Phoatu (god): “I do not know. Do you agree?”
Alex: “fine. I just want. To get this over with and return to my reality.”
The whirlwind becomes larger and swallows Alex. The cherry blossom leaves
begin to surround Phoatu and Alex.
Pyramid of origin (game)
Phoatu and Utaop appear in front of the pyramid.
Ms. Yuna: “what happened?”
Phoatu: “it’s me; Alex Ms. Yuna, tell the rest of the faculty to logout. I
don’t know what’s gonna happen so it would be best for only Nick and me to
Utaop: “Alex looks like we’re in the same barrel now.”
Phoatu: “Nick, is that you?”
Utaop: “yep. Are we ALWAYS going to be exact opposites?”
Phoatu: “looks like it. Now lets get this over with.” They made their way
into the pyramid to fight the shadows. The shadows rose and panicked.
Shadow1: “how can it be?! The humans merged with the supreme gods!”
Shadow2: “we do not stand a chance! If we are defeated by the gods we are
truly dead!”
Phoatu: “enough talk! This ends now!”
Utaop: “time to test out our powers!” Alex and Nick allow the gods to take
control. Utaop raised his hand, causing the earth beneath one of the
shadows to crack and lava burst through the ground. Phoatu raised his hand,
causing the pillars to glow and fire electricity at the other shadow.
Phoatu: “then the faculty fixed the magic spell cast on the computer.”
Robin: “why didn’t you use those powers before?”
Phoatu: “they are not gods of this reality, so they can’t control the
elements. The game is actually based on a world in another universe.
However the god has told me that there is a way to be able to use his
elemental powers here.”
Cyborg: “DEMONSHIELD. RAVEN X-SWORD, and DRONAN-SWORD are all computer
Phoatu: “yes. Because there is a game linking our two realities, I am
allowed to use commands from the game in reality. For example: SET HOTBOMB
21x, 31y TITAN’S TOWER.” A bomb appeared in the middle of the room and
Raven: “so that is the source of your powers. I thought that there was some
class that taught you how to summon weapons.”
Phoatu: “there is. Remember? You took it.”
Raven: “. -_-;”
Phoatu: “these aren’t normal weapon summons. These have properties
different than other weapons. These weapons can regenerate. They can never
be destroyed.”
Cyborg: “how do you get all those shurikens? Is it part of your
Phoatu: “yes. Every week five new shurikens appear in my belt compartment.”
Cyborg: “ooh that’s how you have so many.”
Robin: “what about ‘KA-MASENKO-MEHA'”
Phoatu: “that’s a mix of my powers, the god’s powers, and magic. It is my
standard energy blast. Just when I chant that as I blast, the god’s energy
and my magic fuse with the blast making it stronger.”
Cyborg: “ENOUGH man! We gotta figure out who is behind this!”
Phoatu: “thank you! I was getting tired o talking!”

= end chapter one!
Sorry if it was boring! I just wanted to get a whole lot of the plot out of
the way ASAP so I can get straight to the action in the next chapters!
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