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Teen Titans Porn Story: Ravens Reward Chapter 1

Teen Titans Porn Story: Ravens Reward Chapter 1

Notes: There are no
couples.P Maybe there should be, but
there arent.P Sorry.P At best, you might call this a buddyficbut
since its about Raven and Robin, its not, really.

~~ are thoughts.

Summary: Robin has a surprise
for Ravenwhatever could it be?

Ravens Reward

A Teen Titans Fanfic by

Nate Grey ()

Robin glanced at the clock on
the wall and nodded to himself.

1:45 AM.P Perfect.

He had been putting this off
for some time now.P Perhaps it seemed
too much like something Batman would do (had he been leader of a team, anyway),
yet it still needed to be done.P He
could worry about how similar he was to his former mentor later.

Robin quickly made his way to
the roof, determined to do it before he lost his nerve.P Why he should be nervous was beyond
him.P She had, after all, accepted his
offer to join the team.P Why wouldnt she
accept this as well?

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TT Pornography Comic: Starfire’s Shared Bathroom

Teen Titans Hentai Porn DoujinshiTeen Titans Hentai Porn Doujinshi Continue reading

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Teen Titans Porn Story: A new Friend A new threat A new story – Chapter 5

Teen Titans Porn Story: A new Friend A new threat A new story – Chapter 5



Security officer: “hold it right there! . Or else!” he was aiming a gun at
point blank to someone’s head.
Cortanna: “or what?” she makes John-117’s suit to take a step forward,
causing the cop to panic and fire three rounds. The bullets just fell on
the floor, crunched up.
John-117: “Cortanna, you and me both know very well that no weapon during
this time period can put a dent in this suit! There is no need to hurt any
innocent people!”
Cortanna: “Then that just takes the fun out of things!” she forces the suit
to pick up the officer and smash him into the security system.
John-117: “what’s the use.” #with her having control of the suit, the only
thing I can do is talk. She has control over my every movement. # (AUTHOR’S
NOTE: from now on I’m just gonna say she because we all should get the idea
now that Cortanna; the suits AI, has been hacked and controls John-117’s
suit of armor.)
Cortanna: “time to go to work!” she pulls out a fragmentation grenade and
throws it at an airlock door. *BOOM!* all that was left was a burnt door
and a gaping hole where there used to be a doorframe. She took out six
capsules, which Utaop gave to them and threw them onto the floor. *Bomum!*
six large blue androids appeared and began looking around for any possible
GOTHAM S.W.A.T: “freeze! Back away from the computer! This is your first
and last warning!” a squadron of twelve SWAT members burst into the room,
all bearing a few grenades, a handgun, and an assault rifle. The androids
stood in front of John-117 and charged their cannons.
SWAT LEADER: “Shields up!” all the SWAT members brought up their shields to
form a large wall. The androids fired their energy cannons at the SWAT,
scattering the officers, but not injuring them.
SWAT Guy: “the formation was broken! What do we do?”
SWAT LEADER: “Divide and conquer!” all of them get back up and separate,
surrounding the androids on each side. “FIRE!” they fired without stopping
at the androids with their machine guns but the bullets were only enough to
dent the armor. Only one fell. One SWAT member noticed something on the
fallen droid.
SWAT Guy: “sir the androids have exposed wiring on their center torso and
on their necks.” Hearing this the androids retracted their necks to their
shortest position possible and moved their massive arm shields over their
SWAT LEADER: “Throw your grenades!” the remaining five androids bunched
together and were generating electricity as grenades were pummeling them.
*KABOOM!* *FZZST!* a large translucent purple sphere rose out of the smoke,
electricity pulsing through it. All five androids remained in tact. The
shield went down as the androids fired at will. *BOOM!* “Aaah!” *BOOM!*
“AARGH!” *BOOM!* *BOOM!* when they ceased fire, only five SWAT members
remained alive. The other seven were burnt to a crisp.
SWAT LEADER: “Damnit! Alright! You four prepare for melee combat. You two
take on that one, you two go for the one across from theirs. I’ll fend off
the other three. As soon as you take one out, go for another one!” they did
as they were told and fanned out. The leader pulled out his handgun and
held his Assault Rifle with one hand. Three of the androids ran at him. He
fired at their heads, keeping them at bay, but with a small amount of ammo,
he wouldn’t be able to fend the off for long.
SWAT Guy2: “take out combat knives and prepare for melee combat!”
SWAT Guy3: “I’m already ahead of ya!” both run at the android from opposite
directions effectively catching it off guard and dispatching it.
SWAT Girl: “look out!” *Crack!* she and her partner rolled out of the way,
nearly being pancaked by a jumping android’s massive feet.
SWAT Guy: “they may be eight feet tall, but that won’t stop me from
sticking my knife in its neck.”
SWAT Girl: “wanna make that a bet?”
SWAT Guy: “sure! Just distract him for me! I’m not gonna let them get away
with killing our friends!” she runs in front of the android and distracts
it while the guy sneaks up behind it and cut the wires on it’s neck. The
SWAT LEADER saw his chance as both teams took out their targets and were
moving in on the other two. One of the androids swung at him with its
massive shield. He jumped up, propelling himself by pushing on its head to
jump over it and found a gap in the neck. None of the three androids saw
what hit them. They hit the floor with a loud clang.
Cortanna: “Hmm. that won’t do will it?” she throws twelve capsules right at
them. They surrounded the remaining five SWAT members. One lunged at them
and knocked them into the air with its shield. *THWACK* they all hit the
wall, making a sickening breaking-bone sound. The androids began to slowly
walk to the other side of the room, where the SWAT members lay.
SWAT Guy: “Uugh. did anyone get the number on that bus.” he barely had the
strength to lift a finger. “Argh!” He tried to get up, but he could only
flip himself so his back was facing the ground. He had a sharp pain in his
left shoulder. He saw only two other people struggling to get up. Two of
them lay lifeless on the floor in front of him.
SWAT Girl: “we gotta get up.” he noticed the girl was having a hard time
SWAT Guy: “your ribs must be broken. Don’t try moving.”
SWAT LEADER: “I think we may have to pull out our last resort.” He said as
he took off his dented helmet. He pulled out what seemed to be a detonator
with a wire attached to the wiring of his suit. *BOOM!*
SWAT GUY: “not yet! Look sir!” he pointed to a patch of smoke in a wall.
Cyborg: “Aw. Yeah! My cannon’s even better with that new tune-up!” the rest
of the titans emerged from the smoke.
Phoatu: “Perfect! Twelve androids all in one spot! I can’t do the exploding
shuriken trick. It would waste too much energy. I gotta save some for
Utaop! I’m also a but exhausted from using them last week!”
Raven: “*gasp*, that’s him! The guy from my dream!”
Robin: “I’ve never seen those before! What are they?”
Phoatu: “those are androids Utaop made himself! Try not to get too close:
those shields are very heavy! And watch out for–” *PLOW*
Beastboy: “Oof!” he was hit by a cannon blast. “_ I might know the rest
of his sentence.”
SWAT Guy: “they have exposed wires on their chest and neck! That’s the
fastest way to beat them!”
Phoatu: (o_o;) “Why haven’t I noticed that before?!”
Robin: “Titans go!” Starfire threw a gem at the floor, making a veil of
thick smoke cover half of the room.
Phoatu: “Still remember form two from the Death class? ”
Raven: “how can I forget?” Raven and Phoatu were back-to-back, throwing
shurikens and throwing knives at the androids. One jumped out of the smoke
and rose it’s shield to smash Raven.
Phoatu: “oh no you don’t! DEMONSHIELD!” he deflected the blow and found
himself and all the other titans paired up against two androids.
Beastboy: “is it me, or did they all just assemble strategically?”
Starfire: “it seems they can talk to each other telepathically!”
Cyborg: “they can exchange data! Try not to keep the same fighting style
for too long!”
Robin extended his bo-staff and caught an android off guard with
several blows to the head. He finished it off with a blow to the chest,
disconnecting several wires. He did a back flip to avoid being hit with a
cannon. Beastboy transformed into a raptor and kicked off the head of an
android and moved on to his second one. Raven threw three knives into the
chest of an unlucky droid. Starfire threw blasts of green energy at the two
that paired up against her, exploding the legs and right arm of the first
one, the other one raised its shield before the blasts damaged it. Phoatu
successfully dispatched one using four shurikens. Cyborg blasted his sonic
cannon at the shield arm of the android to stun it and threw a mini bomb
into its chest.
Robin: “six down six to go! Titans! Ultimate formation! Go!”
Beastboy transformed back into a raptor and kicked all of them
into one spot in the room. Robin threw freeze discs at their feet to keep
them still.
Robin: “quickly before they break the ice!”
Cyborg, Starfire and Phoatu got side by side and fired their
blasts at the same time, the energy fused and formed into one large beam of
teal (bluish-green) energy at the androids. At the same time Raven lifted a
large pile of rubble and dropped it on the androids. *KABOOM!* a large hole
in the ground replaced where the androids stood.
Robin: “we gotta stop the man at the computer!”
Cortanna: “your too late!” she said as she pushed a button. Plasmus and
Cinderblock fell through the roof.
Phoatu: “looks like I have no choice.” he said as he grabbed five shurikens
and began charging them. “This is gonna leave me too weak to face Utaop.”
Robin: “Phoatu; you and Cyborg go face that green guy over there. We
already know how to handle these guys!”
Cyborg: “you got it! Yo jolly green! Come over here!” he fired a sonic
blast at him, only to the guy reveal a shiny aura of energy.
Phoatu: “he has an energy field! We have to disable that first before we
can put a scratch on him.” He threw a shuriken at his foe and it exploded
on contact, damaging his energy field.
John-117: “you’ll have to do better than that! Every minute the shield
charges itself to full capacity! You’ll have to disable it completely!”
Cortanna: “you will NEVER defeat me!”
Cyborg: “is it a guy or a girl?”
Raven: “(dodges one of Plasmus’s tentacles) the human in the suit is a guy,
there’s an AI inside the suit that has taken control!”
Cyborg: “his suit has computer data? Phoatu; I’ll need you to find a way to
disable his shield and hold him still for a while!”
Phoatu: “WHAT?! I’m not Mr. Invincible! I’ll need your help!!” he threw the
other four shurikens to no avail. John just dodged them with great ease. He
countered by moving behind Phoatu and ax kicked him across the head.
Phoatu: “aargh!” he slammed into the ground. John moved like a blur. He was
the perfect weapon: incredible speed, an unmatched level of strength, and a
few other surprises. He raised his hand and a ball of plasma formed.
Cortanna: “you like things that go boom? Your going to love this!” she
pulled his arm forward and launched the sphere.
John-117: “don’t let it touch you! It sticks and it won’t fall off!” Phoatu
lifted into the air. John boosted into the air and threw three more plasma
spheres; Phoatu barely dodged the third one. John began lobbing more of
Phoatu: “DEMONSHIELD!” he reached for the materializing shield and raised
it so the plasma spheres could pummel it. He threw the shield at john just
as it was about to explode. The explosion sent John through a wall. He
appeared above Phoatu and hammer fisted him into the floor.
Phoatu: “RAVEN X-SWORD!” as it appeared above him, he emerged from the
ground, grabbed it, and launched it at John. The black sword flew with a
trail of blue energy. The sword disintegrated as it hit the energy field.
Phoatu saw something on John’s arm flicker.
Phoatu: “go for his arm! The generator is somewhere in his armor!” Cyborg
jumped up and slammed his fist into John’s arm.
Cortanna: “damn it! They disabled the shield.” Cyborg continued to pummel
John with punches. *Fzzzt!*
Cortanna: “why can’t I move?”
John-117: “Uuh .because he short-circuited the suit.” Having regained
control of his body he got up.
John-117: “quickly! Get rid of the virus in my suit!”
Cyborg: “will do!” he pulled out a modem wire out of his neck and put it
into the port in John’s helmet.
Cyborg: “while I do this, you go and help the others.”
Phoatu: “I don’t think we’ll be needing to do that.” Robin had frozen
everything of Plasmus’s except for his head. He slowly morphed back into
his human form.
Beastboy, and Starfire had weakened Cinderblock and Raven wrapped him in

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Teen Titans Porn Story: Curiosity Killed the Cat Chapter 1

Teen Titans Porn Story: Curiosity Killed the Cat Chapter 1

Y Autumn Raine

A/N: Just an idea of mine as I watched
the show. I dont know how many DC Comic Addicts there are out there, so just
so you know my OC is based of DCs Catwoman, yet I used
some creative license for the OC ( Basically its Catwoman revamped and cool in ways I want her to be. ;D. )

Summary: A tiny blast from the past; the
Teens are in for a surprrrise in their pad from a
sexy visitor. PG-13 for language, scenes, etc.

Curiosity Killed
the Cat

But it was Satissfaction
that brought her back.

Thin healed
boots silently moved along the tiled floor of the shadowed corridors as soft
emerald hues glanced about the highly technological interior of the T-Shaped HQs;
sporadic bright lights catching a glow from those searching, nocturnal eyes. Swiveling
on the heel of her right foot, she then made her way up into the higher levels
of the tower; careful as to where to step so that none of these crazy alarms
would set themselves off.

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TeenTitans – Culture Shock

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Busty slut Raven want suck this fat cock right now

Teen Titans Hentai Comics

Hentai Picture: Busty slut Raven want suck this fat cock right now
Terra gets pumped like tomorrow was never coming accepting a dick in her tight ass and sweet pink cunt… Insatiable teens from Teen Titans are waiting for it, anxious for interminable fucking, eager to taste off some dicks, to be crammed and to climax! A hottie from Teen Titans squeezed between a pair of monstrous cocks which cover her beautiful face with warm and sticky jizz…

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At least Three gals are gonna love Robin tonight!

Teen Titans Raven Hentai

Hentai Picture: At least Three gals are gonna love Robin tonight!
Sexually eager hootchies of Teen Titans willing to do everything that it takes to make the studs shoot their loads… Raven washes foam off her neat body and blows off her basher right in a bathroom… Fair haired Teen Titans babe with full perky tits and a succulent ass gets double-penetrated, tittie-fucked and cock-gagged and gets her cute breasts thoroughly cum-dumped!

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[Fred Perry] Slightly 18 Titans

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TeenTitans Porn Story: My Riddles Three Chapter 4

TeenTitans Porn Story: My Riddles Three Chapter 4

My Riddles Three

to my surprise, somewhere between the last chapter and this chapter, no one
called me and offered me a mult-million dollar deal
to write stories for Teen Titans. ::Sigh:: So I still
dont own them. Which is probably a good thing.
Actually, it DEFINETLY is a good thing.

POh no, now, dont
you be looking at me like THAT! Cyborg exclaimed as the Half-Hydras heads
regarded him predatorily.

The Hydra wrapped around him seemed more concerned with
trying to squeeze him to death than to bite him. Since that was simply not
possible, he concentrated more on the one that had decided to try and eat him.
Cyborg reached out and grabbed a handful of heads- which squawked in dismay as
he crushed their necks. Cyborg regarded the handful of Hydra heads he held- if
he simply tore them out

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Teenager Titans Porn Story: Cyborg’s Decision

Teenager Titans Porn Story: Cyborg’s Decision

<!– @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } –>

“ROBIN, YOUR NUTS!” Beast Boy yelled at the top of his lunges. The titans had been argueing for over an hour now. Robin looked at Beast Boy cooling, repeating himself for what had to be the hundreth time. “We don’t have a choice. The Hive are growing bolder with every passing week.” He pointed to a picture on the wall, showing a burnt down building. “ That is the third Hive attack this week. We have no choice but to storm their base and wipe them out. We finally know where their base is, so now is the time to strike.”

The Hive were a criminal organization made up of teenagers and kids with super powers. The Hive had been giving the Titans a lot of trouble, especially since they didn’t know where the Hive’s hidden Headquarters were. Finally Robin had managed to plant a tracker on one of them to locate their base. They had located the base a few hours ago, and ever since then the Titans had argued over how to defeat the Hive. Robin wanted to sneak in to the base and launch an all out offensive against the Hive from with in their base. Every one else had different ideas, but only Beast Boy was speaking out against Robins plan.

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