TeenTitans Pornography Story: The Averse Vampire – Chapter 1

TeenTitans Pornography Story: The Averse Vampire – Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I wish I
did own Teen Titans. Hell, I wish I owned Marvel. Then Id have mad money and
never have to use this crap computadora otra vez.

A/N: I think this is
the first cartoon Teen Titans fic out here. If Im wrong forgive me, I just
didnt see you when I went searching today. I hope you all enjoy this. And
since this is the first Teen Titans fic (I think) the first chapter is really
long. Longer than Id ever make anything of might that aint a one-shot. This
aint one of those things. Theyll be more chapters to this. They might not be
this long though. This one is long because I had to get some things out before
I went for the other chapters. This idea has been bugging me like I dont know
what! Its all his fault!! *Points to muse*

Youji: Nani? But Im
just an innocent Bishonen.

OGE: Like hell…



Anou-Uh…, um…

Taku mou-For crying
out loud…

Gomen nasai-Im
sorry, I apologize


Ne-At the end of a
sentence, ‘right?’ or ‘isn’t that so?’ At the beginning of a sentence, ‘hey’,
or say, either to get someone’s attention or preface a thought.

Outta my way Tin

You wish Birdie!
Youre gonna get stomped!

Thats assuming I
dont smoke both of you!

Watch out!

Oh no you dont!

Gang way! Comin

The Titans were
having an off day in terms in crime. Cinderblock was locked up, Plasmus was
asleep, and those creeps from HYVE were keeping quiet too. They were enjoying
their day of rest.

Beast Boy, Cyborg
and Robin were in the living room of the Titan Tower. They were racing each
other in Midnight Club II. Raven was…in her room as per usual and Starfire
was cooking.

Dodges the 18
wheeler, jumps the construction site, hits the nitros! Ohh! Finish line is
mine!! ^_^ Robin jumped up and rubbed his victory in Beast Boys and Cyborgs

Only because you
ran me off the road! Cyborg argued.

And drove me into
a support beam! Beast Boy huffed.

Ah sore losers!
Botho ya! Ill be happy to beat ya both over again, but Im going to get my
victory drink, Robin headed off to the kitchen, You two smoke eaters sharpen
your skills, Id hate to think that was your best.

Well show you
nitro boy! -_-*

Youre just lucky
I dont have a sonic boom in my car!! -_-*


Robin smirked at his
teammates angry marks and glares aimed at his back. He had been nervous that
he wouldnt win that race back there, but there didnt have to know that. And
he was getting thirsty from all that bragging he did back there.

Hey Star, hows it
comin? He waved to the Tamaranian girl in the chef hat.

Starfire turned and
smiled; totally neglecting the pot she had on the stove. Greetings to you too
Robin. It is coming along nicely, I think.

Robin nodded and
went to the refrigerator near the stove. He bent and looked around to see what
he had a taste for. Hopefully nothing in there had a taste for him. He
shuddered as he thought about the last time he went in the fridge and no one
had cleaned it out. He was glad he wore gloves and had one of his flash discs
with him. Who knew spaghetti could be vicious and man-eating?

He vaguely sensed
Starfire moving around behind him and continued to look around.



What are those
marks on your neck?

Robin jerked and
stood up too fast and hit his head on the shelf above him. He tenderly rubbed
the bump on his head and grabbed a water bottle on his way out of the

Starfire was looking
at him in curiosity. He self-consciously ran his hand over the marks in
question and wished she hadnt seen them. He hated lying, but he would have to
to keep his secret a secret.

Its nothing. I
just got a little nicked in the last battle and it hasnt healed yet.

But that was a few
weeks ago.

Uh, I heal slow.

But you are fine

On my neck. Im a
slow healer on my neck. It bruises easily.

Maybe you should
have it bandaged.

Its okay. Really.
Thanks for the concern though. Robin decided to make a break for it then.


Thats two times
youve lost to me Cyborg. I hope this doesnt become a habit; then all our
training sessions will be boring. What with you losing all the time an-Ah!

This session aint
over yet Birdie! You should never stand over someone when theyre down. Thats
not very smart!

No, but this

Ow! Youre right,
that does smart!

You aint kiddin.
Youre head is almost as hard as Cinderblocks!

Cyborg and Robin had
just finished another sparring session. Cyborg rubbed his head while Robin
shook out his red fist. Their little collision had bruised both of them.

Want to go again?

Sure IOops,
powers running low. Gotta go recharge! See ya!

Robin nodded in
acknowledgement. He then went over to one of the benches and started to work
with one of the hand weights.

I know youre
there Raven, you can come out now.

The mysterious teen
melted out of the shadows. She walked over to where he was sitting and stood
behind him.

I know what youre
here about.

Do you?

The marks? You
want to know about them, am I right?

Where did they
come from? Who did they come from? Who bit you and are you in trouble?

Robin shook his
head. Im not in any trouble. Im fine. They came from a friend?

A friend? Raven
rose a brow in suspicion, A friend did that to you?

He shrugged. After
much convincing. I almost had to make her.

Now Im confused.

He smirked and put
the weight down. Maybe its better if I start from the beginning.


It all started when I was coming back from the store with
groceries for the week. It was about nightfall when I got out of the store. I
was taking the quick way home when…

Robin walked down an
alley. He knew it was probably asking for trouble, but people knew who he was
and those who didnt wouldnt mess with him anyway.

He was whistling to
himself when he heard a few trashcans get knocked over and a shadowed form
running away from him.

He put the groceries
down and gave chase.

Stop right there!
Bolas flew with a flick of his wrist.

With a grunt and a
crash, the person he was chasing fell to the ground and stayed there. Robin
came up on them and brought them into the streetlight.


A teenage female.
55 and maybe 120-130 pounds and entirely too light for someone of her height.
African-American with honey-brown eyes focused on him.

This was not what he
was expecting to find.

Who are you? He
put her down and took a step back.

None of your

He narrowed his eyes
at her appearance. You need help, He grabbed her arm and moved to drag her,
Im taking you to the hospital.

No! No hospital!
No! I wont go! She really started to fight him then.

Robin released her
and held his hands up in a neutral stance. Fine. No hospital, but you do need

She looked like she
might bolt again, but she didnt get the chance; for she passed out.

Robin rushed to
catch her before she banged her head on cement. She was so small. And she had
rings under her eyes plus many other signs of malnutrition. He would need to
get her help. But she adamantly went against the idea. So he would have to take
her some place.


She didnt know
where she was. She didnt recognize the smell or the feel of the place. It was
totally different from the alley she had been residing in.

She opened her eyes
and looked around. This place looked like an attic. And as she sat up and
looked around, a very spacious attic. There was a couch and a chair and a card
table and a few lamps around.

Youre finally


That boy was
standing over behind her. It was like he appeared out of nowhere. She scrambled
away from the couch she was laying on and landed on the floor. She had a hand
over her heart in shock.

Cheese and rice
man! Whats wrong with you?!

He smiled guiltily
and ran a hand through raven hair. Ah, sorry about that. You ok?

She shook her head
in disbelief. If she werent dead already that would have killed her. Fine.
Just fine. I love getting scared to death. Where are we? Who are you?

He stood up to his
full height and walked over to help her up. Im Robin; from the Teen Titans.
And were in the old arcade. Everything still pretty much works. No one comes
here though. I figured youd be safe here.

Yeah, this should
be safe enough-wait, how did you know I was in danger?

You were so
adamant about not going to the hospital. I reasoned you were in some kind of
trouble that you didnt want to attract attention.

She nodded and
looked around the place. So were in an arcade. Well, thanks for the nap. I
needed that. Now Ill be leaving.

Just a minute,
kid, Robin snagged her arm, You need help remember. You need food and Im not
about to let you leave here to collapse somewhere else.

She smacked his arm
away. First of all, dont call me kid; Im older than you are. Way older.
Second, I dont need your help.

Robin dodged her
swipe at his arm and held on. I beg to differ. And I dont care if you are
older than I am. You. Need. Help.

Hey! Let go! She
was pulled away from the couch and towards the stairs.

Robin pulled her
down the stairs with little trouble and into the employee rec. room. It was all
white: the floors, the table, the chairs, the counters, the refrigerator,
everything. She had to squint to look around.

On the table there
was a blue bowel and there were two chairs there across from each other. Robin
had her sit at one chair that had the bowel in front with a mustard colored
liquid in it.

Oro? What is this?
I thought this was abandoned. She poked at the substance.

Robin went to the
fridge. Its chicken broth. Youre malnourished and your stomach cant handle
any real food. I keep this place pretty well stocked. I like to come here when
I want to chill away from the Titan Tower.

She looked at it and
bit her lip. Anou…I really shouldnt be here.

Youre safe here.
Now eat. He got himself a cold Twix from the fridge and then went back for
something to drink.

I She was about
to protest, but Robin gave her a look that said not to argue. So she ate a
little bit. He returned to the table with black cherry juice.

Whats your name?

She looked up at
him. Cassandra.

Cassandra. Nice to
meet you. Wish it were under different circumstances though. He took a drink
from his glass.

Cassandra focused on
his neck intently. She watched his muscles work to take the liquid down. His
jugulars were practically pounding in her ears. All she would have to do was
lean over and…

Ack! Cassandra
shook her head forcefully. In the process she kicked her foot out and kicked

He choked on his
juice and it got on his clothes and on the table. And particularly over his

A faint red tint
rose on her dark cheeks. Ah…gomen nasai…


I mean Im sorry.
I keep forgetting to switch the languages. Ive been in Japan for a year. And
Germany before that. And Russia for a year or so.

Wow. All that
traveling? Why?

important. Really…

Robin shrugged.
Cassandra focused intently on the dark liquid trailing from his lips and down
the side of his face. From where she was sitting, it looked like he just fed.
She could hear the blood in his jugulars pounding again. It was becoming too
much. She could already feel her fangs enlarging. The bloodlust was almost

ANYMORE!! Cassandra jumped up from the table and sealed her mouth to Robins.


Robin sat frozen
from the sheer shock of the entire thing. One minute she was sitting across the
table from him, the next minute, she practically jumped over it to kiss him to
show her gratitude.

A little full
of yourself arent you?

Hey! Whos
telling the story here, you or me?


As I was saying. She practically jumped over the table
to get to me…

After Robin got over
the initial shock, he realized maybe she was thanking him in the only way she
knew how. He remained unresponsive and put his hands on her shoulders to gently
push her away. But then he felt sharp teeth dig into his lip. With a muffled
grunt, he shoved her away roughly.

What are you

Cassandra was lying
out on the floor. She had a hand to her mouth trying to cover very prominent
fangs that were protruding from her mouth. His blood was dripping from her
mouth and she was trying to lick the remnants of it from her fangs and lips.
Her fangs were entirely too big for a human.

Youre not human,
are you? He cautiously walked over to stand in front of her.

Cassandra withdrew
her hand from her mouth and looked away from him. She didnt want to see the
hate in his eyes. Shed seen enough of that.

Thats why youre
starving, you havent feed on anyone. Thats why you dont want to go to the
hospital. Thats why youre so small.

She nodded; still
not looking at him. A gloved hand grabbed her chin and turned her head up.

Why arent you

Her eyes went to the
floor again. I dont want to hurt anyone. If I feed, I could kill someone. I
dont want to do that.

Youll starve
yourself to death.

She shrugged. Ill
still live, I just wont be very useful to anyone.

Robin looked her
over a minute. Youre a vampire. Youre not supposed to care about what
happens to humans. What makes you different?

Cassandra smirked
and looked up at him. I found out what happened to the humans that we fed on
when I was young. I wouldnt feed on them anymore. I fed only on animals, then
after that, I fed on bad guys, but it still felt wrong. So I just decided to
quit feeding. Ne I should really get going. The sunll be up soon you know. And
Im sure you dont want me here now that you know what I am.

Cassandra stood and
walked out of the room; calling behind her: Ill let myself out!

So you just let her go? That doesnt explain the mark on
your neck.

Hold your horses Cleopatra! Im not finished yet!
Geez…! Where was I? Oh yeah! So she was walking out…

Robin stood leaning
against the table in thought. If he let her go, she wouldnt be his problem,
but that ran the risk of someone else finding out about her and killing her. If
he went after her, then he might be able to keep her safe, but she might want
to feed on him.

He sighed.

There was only one thing
to do.



Cassandra didnt know
which way to go. She didnt know how they came in so she couldnt track her way
back. And she was pretty sure she was lost since she passed the Soul Caliber II
station at least five times. And it didnt help that she kept having dizzy
spells and had to keep stopping to rest because her body was tired.

Taku Mou…How do I get
outta here?


Nani? Cassandra turned
around at the sound of her name. Robin was coming towards her. She thought
maybe it was a hallucination, but he didnt disappear or go all fuzzy so she
guessed not.

He ran up to her. You
cant leave.

Youre tellin me. I
cant even find the bathroom let alone the door.

No, I mean, you cant
go. Im a Teen Titan. The leader in fact. And as such it is my duty to help those
who cannot help themselves. You are one of those that I must help. Even if
you are a vampire.

Cassandra looked shocked
for a minute, then she closed her eyes and shook her head. Look, I appreciate
what youve done so far, but I dont need your help. Ive gotten along just
fine before you and Ill be fine now without you…All three of you…

He narrowed his eyes at
her. Look Cassandra, Im going to help you whether you want to or not.

Why should I trust you?
How do I know that you wont just kill me?

You can either trust me
or go back out on the street and risk someone else finding out that youre a
vampire and killed or worse. Circus anyone? Fancy spending your life as a
sideshow act?

Cassandra glared at him.
But she knew he was right. She didnt have any other choice but to trust him.

Fine, She mumbled, I
trust you.

Robin smirked. But now
theres the problem of feeding you.

Cassandra looked at him
quizzically. Are? Anou…I cant eat human food. I need blood.

Robin nodded and paced a
little with one hand behind his head and the other on his hip as he moved. He
was thinking. Cassandra watched him patiently as he moved. He finally stopped
and looked straight at her. Then he pulled down the collar of his shirt to expose
his neck.

Hidoi yo! Dont taunt
me! I can hear your blood pounding in my ears! Cassandra covered her ears and
turned away.

No, Im not taunting
you. Im going to let you bite me. You need blood to survive. Its my job to
help you.

Cassandra turned and
looked at him in shock. Are you nutz?! I could kill you by accident! I could
drain all the blood from your body! O_O

He shook his head. As
long as you dont take too much, I should be fine.

Cassandra nervously came
closer. Her whole body was begging her to sink her teeth into his neck. Just
one bite. Just one. Just one bite and he wouldnt even feel it. Just one and
she wouldnt have to hurt him. Just one, just one, just one.

No! She placed her
hands on either side of her head and shook her head violently; turning away
from Robin. I wont! I refuse! I wont hurt you! Its too dangerous!

Im sure you wont hurt
me. I trust you. Now go ahead, Ive taken a lot of hits and this wont hurt too

She flinched when he
tilted his head to the side. She wanted too. She really wanted to. She wanted
to bite him so bad it hurt. Her fangs were already forming and the sound of his
blood was deafening. Her fangs were throbbing.


Robin growled in
irritation. It wasnt everyday he did things like this. Well, it was, but not
things exactly like this. He grabbed her by the back of her neck and forced her
to face his.

Cassandra gasped at how
close she was now. If she leaned over a little she could scrape her fangs
across his neck. She could almost taste the blood already and she hadnt even
broken the skin. Her resolve broke.

Itll hurt at first.

He shrugged; nearly
knocking her in the head in the process. Ive had worse. Dont worry, Ill be
fine, just dont drink too much.

Ill be sure not to do
that. Ill try to make this as painless as possible. Well, here we go.

Cassandra sank her teeth
into his neck. Robin made a noise between a grunt and a gasp. It did hurt, but
the pain was subsiding slowly. There was this numbing effect. He bit down on
his tongue and tried not to think about the draining feeling in his neck.

Cassandra was in heaven.
The second that warm, sticky fluid met her tongue, she melted. It was so GOOD.
She lost herself in the tangy, sweet taste. It had been so long. So long since
she felt this. It was great. So good. So good. So-

She was awakened from her
bloodlust haze when Robins body slumped against hers. She let out an indignant
squeak and retracted her fangs.

Robin! Are you okay?! I
took too much! I am so sorry! I didnt mean to take that much! Please dont be
dead! Oh God I killed someone! You cant be dead, Im not supposed to kill
people! I-

A green-gloved hand
covered her mouth. Sandra, Sandra, sshh-sshh! Im still alive. Im just
dizzy. I didnt know it would be so draining. Im tired. And dizzy.

She supported him until he
felt he could stand up on his own. There were two holes in his neck just above
his collar.

Thank you. I didnt mean
to get carried away like that. Im-

Robin covered her mouth
again. Cassandra, you apologize again and Ill scream. Now youll need a
place to stay for the nig-uh, day I mean. The attic doesnt get much light, so
youll be fine there. Im going home, but Ill be back soon. And no going out
into the sunlight because you feel guilty about taking too much blood.

She nodded and he withdrew
his hand. She watched him walk away as she turn to head to the attic. She
stopped for a minute and turned around.


Past Dance Dance
Revolution and up the stairs.

Thank you.


And thats what
happened. Thats how I got the marks and thats why Im going out again

Raven said nothing for a
long time. Robin was beginning to think she had fallen asleep. Then he would
have been irritated. But she shifted and he was sure she was awake.

So? What do you think?
Pretty cool to have a vampire on your side huh?

…Dont you ever get
tired or being nice?

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