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Porn Showcase

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[FucktoonTV] The Stepford Titans

When two skinny superhero teens are turned into bimbo sluts there is one thing that is certain – from now their adventures are going to get way more exciting and fun! And don’t worry too much because besides big curves and significantly increased amount of sex there still will be such comics-related stuff as villains, robotic machines and mechanical tentacles for our gals to handle with!

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[TSFSingularity (Zznakuu)] Pretty Bird (Teen Titans)

Raven has been experiencing some intriguing feelings about Starfire recently, but for a variety of reasonsthis redhead chick is not into lesbian experiements. Robin however, on the other hand is a sexy guy. Raven is a man. Raven however has a bunch of magic tricks and will be able to find the perfect solution. What do you think about swapping bodies

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[RR1995] Red Hood and The Outlaws (Batman)

Thsi is a short story which will reveal the Outlaws team’s activities when they aren’t fighting criminals or supervillains. And the short this story will be because of one simple reason almost everything Red Hood, Starfire and Raven are doing in their spare time is to fuck! The superheroes must also consider their safety while fiddling…

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