TeenTitans Pornography Story: starfire’s enthusiasm

TeenTitans Pornography Story: starfire’s enthusiasm

After the fall of the Brotherhood of Evil, Starfire sought out her new friend Argent to make sure she was doing okay. Starfire was pleased to learn that Argent had moved to Jump City and was living in a nice apartment. She contacted Argent to see her. Argent was happy to see Star and began to spend time with her. Little did anyone know, things were far more special between them.Argent had spent the last three hours preparing for the meal she would be sharing with Starfire. She went out of her way to make sure the place looked nice and that the surprise she had prepared was ready. An hour later, dressed as usual, Argent smiled and answered her door bell. Starfire stood outside, wearing a cute green blouse and skirt.

“Hello Star, it’s good to see you.”

“It is very good to see you as well Argent.”

Starfire slipped inside while Argent closed and locked the door.

“Does anyone suspect you are here, with me?”

“No…they understand I need privacy and alone time.”

“Good, don’t want anyone interrupting dinner.”

“Or desert.” Starfire smiled.

Argent giggled a bit, guiding Starfire to the small table in the kitchen. Once seated, Starfire looked around the small room…

“I was thrilled to learn you were here in Jump City, though I still believe you deserve a better home than this.”

“Well, since there was no massive reward for saving the world, this is what I can afford.” Argent said as she plated the pasta.

“Still, when I learned you were here, I had to see you…”

“I’m glad you did.”

“I…am still embarrassed about that night…the new things I experienced…”

“It was your first time with a girl…my third…it was still wonderful.”

Argent served Starfire and sat down across from her, slipping off her shoe to rub her nylon covered foot lightly up and down Starfire’s leg. Starfire blushed a bit, eating the wonderful meal.

“You know, I did get the hot tub…and it’s all hooked up…”

“You did, that is glorious news, I am very eager to try it out.”

“You know, we could skip the meal for now and get a bit wet.”

Starfire blushed brightly, she loved the way Argent could say something that meant two things at once. She set down her fork and smiled.

“I would like that a lot.”

The pair rose and walked hand in hand to the second bedroom, the one Argent had converted into a small sauna. In the center of the tile floor was a small hot tub, big enough for two or three people. Argent slipped her dress down, standing in her black lace panties as she lipped her black nylons off, then her elbow length fingerless gloves. She turned to watch Starfire carefully set her green blouse and skirt on a bench, then her shoes, standing in her green bra and panties. Argent smiled as Starfire slowly removed her bra, exposing her exquisite breasts, then slipped of her green panties, making Argent grin as both she and Starfire shaved! Argent removed her panties and lead Starfire to the tub, already filled. She touched the controls and started the jets before helping Starfire in then slipping in herself. Starfire held out her arms to her secret love, pulling Argent to her, kissing her deeply as their bodies pressed together, firm breasts pressing together, hard nipples lightly rubbing against each other, eliciting soft moans of delight as the pair expressed their feelings for each other, Argent broke the kiss first, moving to straddle Star’s lap as she smiled, the water lapping against her slender body, covering Starfire’s breasts at the same time…

“I wish we could just move in together love.”

“As do I.” Starfire moaned softly as her hands slowly slid up Argent’s body to cup her breasts, tenderly rolling and fondling them as Argent arched her back a bit, her hands over her head, shuddering softly as Starfire’s fingers caressed her tenderly. Argent slowly broght her hands down to Starfire’s arms, caressing up and down them as she shifted her position, straddling Starfire’s thigh while pressing her own between her love’s legs. Starfire gasped softly, the intimate contact took her back to their first time, gently rubbing against each other in Argent’s bed, Argent tenderly introducing Starfire to the wonders of girl love. Starfire’s fingers lightly shifted to catch Argent’s nipples, lightly rolling them as she closed her eyes, gently rocking her hips against Argent’s leg, feeling Argent slowly move in kind. Only the sound of the pulsing jets and the soft, gentle moans of the pair filled the air for what seemed like an eternity. The pair‘s gentle movements slowly became more impassioned, more aggressive as their desire began to burn brighter! Argent arched her back more as her rocking motions began to stir the water more, splashing it out of the tub as Starfire‘s thrashing bounced Argent more, adding to the mess they were making. They shifted slightly, their flowers making contact, grinding as Argent held onto the tub edge for support, Starfire moaning loudly, her back arched, their breasts jiggling as they ground their hips, thrusting and moaning. Their cries of passion and the sloshing water might have woken up the neighbors if Argent hadn’t taken steps to lessen the sound with soundproofing. They both suddenly stiffened, their bodies arched, trembling and shaking as they shared a wonderful orgasm together, slowly slipping back into the tub, laying on opposite sides. Argent slowly pulled herself to lay next to Starfire, her arms around her, kissing her as Starfire smiled softly, snuggling against Argent.


“Star, every time with you is beyond amazing…”

“I only desire the others accept this relationship, for you bring soo much joy into my heart.”

“Some might, but I’m sure some won’t.”

Starfire nodded and laid against Argent, basking in the warmth of her lover and their shared love as the warm water and bubbling jets caressed them lightly. Argent gently caressed Starfire’s wet hair, thinking back to when they first realized how they felt. It was shortly after the whole Brotherhood thing. Starfire had come to see her at her old place to check up on her and ended up staying a few days due to a storm. During those days together, everything changed. They were slowly drawn to each other, slowly pulled together by some force stronger than anything known to science, the force of love. Their first night together was mostly shy, embarrassing and full of ‘opps, sorry…’ or ‘Oh….that felt good do it again!!’. By morning, they had both discovered a great deal about each other and themselves. Starfire stayed for two more days till the Titans called her to duty. She reluctantly left, promising to see Argent again, though Argent decided to move to Jump City to be closer to her love. Argent smiled and stood up.

“We should dry off and finish dinner then we can rest.”

“Yes, I am hungry, you always make me feel that way.”

Argent smiled and helped Starfire out of the tub, glad she had invested in the water collection system for the room. They toweled each other off, smiling and kissing as they slipped on a pair of light, silky robes before slipping into the kitchen where Argent reheated the meal and they ate together. Starfire took Argent by the hand and lead her to the bedroom where she slowly slipped off her robe then slipped into bed, Argent quickly followed her. Starfire pulled Argent to lay her head on her chest, snuggling her cutely, Argent nestled against Starfire’s side. The pair slowly slipped off to sleep, content and loved.

Their quiet time was disturbed around 7 a.m. when Starfire’s communicator went off.

“This is Starfire…what is it?”

“Star?” Argent asked as she watched her dearest’s face get a bit stern. Starfire closed the communicator and sighed.

“There is an emergency and all Titans were needed.”

Reluctantly, Starfire got out of bed and began to dress.

“Do you have to go?”

“I must, they will need me.”

“I’ll come to.”

“You do not have to Argent.”

“I know, but it means we get to spend more time together.”

Starfire smiled and nodded as she finished dressing, Argent quick to get ready. The pair winged to the tower together, hand in hand. Once there, they headed down to the ready room and joined the others.

“There you are Starfire, Argent, what are you doing here?”

“I was out for a night flight and saw Starfire racing toward the Tower so I thought something might be up and you might need a hand.”

“Well, good thinking and good timing. We’ll be moving out, we’ll go over the details in route.”

The group nodded and no one seemed to notice that Starfire and Argent stayed close as they left.

Argent got up alone, sighing as she soo ached to wake in Starfire’s arms. She dressed and skipped to the elevator to head into town. She had some plans for their next date and needed to shop at a special little shop for some special items to enhance their next long evening together. Argent smiled as she slipped into the shop.

“If only they knew.”

The End


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