Nubile Titans Pornography Story: Losing all Manage Chapter Two

Nubile Titans Pornography Story: Losing all Manage Chapter Two

The Teen Titans (Now including Wondergirl, Superboy, and Impulse) sat down
in the rec. room. Robin was somewhere making a 1/1000 scale model of the
Bat mobile. Occasionally, the members would check on him, knowing that,
eventually, he would probably spill glue on himself.

Cyborg’s watch beeped. “Wondergirl, it’s your turn.” He said.

“Call me Cassie, and, fine, I’ll go, but if I’m not out in five minutes,
send someone to rescue me, ’cause he’s probably makin’ me help him.” She
said and she left for the kitchen.


As she entered, she let out a silent scream. The floor was covered in.
Papier Mach. Robin was working so hard, he didn’t hear her come in. “Um.
Robin.” He looked up.

“Oh, hi Cass. Hey, listen, I’ve got a terrible headache, could you grab me
some aspirin?” He asked. She opened the cupboard and got out a bottle. She
took out a pill and gave it to Robin. “Thanks. You know, all of a sudden,
I’m feeling a little sleep.” Robin fell asleep; hit face landing in the
bowl of glue he was using. Cassie rushed over and pulled his face from the
glue. Thank goodness, only his mouth as glued shut. She began to chip it
off of his mouth with her fingernail.


“Kon, it’s been more than five minutes. You are her boyfriend, you go save
her.” Said Beast Boy.

“Fine.” He said. “I’ll be back.” And he left towards the kitchen.

As he reached the kitchen, he saw Cassie chipping the wet glue off of
Robins lips. He stared open mouthed. “SO!” he yelled. “I leave you alone
for five minutes and look. I see that shiny lip gloss on his lips.”

Cassie realized that she could make a great joke out of this, so she said,
in a dramatic way, “So what? Maybe I like him. You don’t own me! Maybe I
want to kiss him. Then what will you do, sue me?” She grabbed Robin and
kissed him . . . for a long . . .long time. Then she stopped. She tried to
take her mouth away, but her lips were stuck to his. Robin woke up. He
looked at Cassie, stuck to his lips. Kon started cracking his knuckles.

Robin tried to tell him, but, all he could say was “Mmmmm . . . Mpppph”

Cassie dragged Robin over to a piece of paper (He never imagined kissing
Cassie could HURT!) and she wrote down; Help, we’re stuck together! We’re

Before Kon-El could finish reading it. He grabbed it and wrinkled it up.
“Well, then, maybe I don’t care about you two. Maybe you can stay together.
And don’t tell me you’re stuck together, you have the free will to choose.”
His eyes began to tear. “And. . . you chose this wimp? This tiny, scraggly,

Robin made a kind of “Hey!” Gesture and put his hands on his hips.

“Well, fine, if you’re going to break the world record for kissing than
don’t let me hold you back!” He stomped out of the room.

Robin wrote something on a sheet of paper. I have to go!

Cassie shuddered.


The toilet flushed.

Cassie help up a sign. It said Never again.

They shuffled out to the rec room. Everyone except Kon-El was looking at
them. They watched the Wendy the werewolf stalker until 11 o’clock. Cyborg
spoke during the ending credits. “Well, I’m going to bed.”

Wondergirl and Robins eyes opened wide and they both let out muffled


As it ended up, Robin slept on the floor with his head propped up to the
couch so that Cassie could sleep up there.

Neither of them slept. They were hungry and thirsty. Cassie kept
remembering how Kon-El had asked Starfire to go to the mall the next day,
and Robin remembered how Starfire had said yes. If only they could tell
them, but Kon would not believe them.


Morning seemed to take forever to come. Robin and Cassie stayed in the
bathroom all day. Everyone else was sure that that was where they were
because of the loud whirring noises coming from assorted drills and saws.
Beast boy and Impulse left for the “Wednesday all-you-can-eat-buffet” at
Chubby Jack’s, the burger place, down the street. Kon-El and Starfire were
at the mall. That only left. Raven and Metal butt.

Raven was reading “Sad Tales of Devastating Misery” by U. R. Dark. Cyborg
was playing Game Girl. He turned it off. He said, in a high, girly voice,
“So, you wanna talk about-“

Raven slammed her book. “NO! I don’t want to talk about girly things, I
don’t want you to take a long walk off of a short pier, I don’t want to go
to a pointless party and have a pointless conversion with a pointless boy,
I want you to SHUT UP!” Cyborg was now comfortably placed (or should I saw,
COWERING) in the corner. Raven sat back down and continued her book.


Impulse and Beast Boy returned from Chubby Jacks more . . . Ummm . . .
spherically shaped than when they left. They both waddled back towards
their bedrooms.

Before long, Kon-el and Starfire returned from the mall. “I signed
Autograms!” shouted Starfire.

“Um, that’s autographs, star.” Kon-El said. Cassie and Robin, (separated)
stepped down from the stairs. (Their lips were red from were the glue had
been chipped off.)

“WAIT!” Cassie yelled. “Robin wants Starfire back. You don’t understand,
Kon, we were gl-“

“I don’t want to hear it Cass. Or, maybe I should call you Cassandra now
that you’re a complete stranger?” Kon said, holding Starfire close to him.

“I’ll fight for her.” Said Robin.

“Awwww.” said both of the girls.

“Fine.” Kon-El said. “Five minutes from now in the training room.”


Robin shot a bat-a-rang at Superboy. It shot right through his legs missing
his *muffles* by inches. “Whoa, okay, Rob, you’re getting into danger
zone.” He said, checking to make sure that everything was there.

Robin got a sly grin. “And that time, I wasn’t even aiming.” He said.

“OK! OK! You can have her!” Kon said. He then whispered, “It’s a good think
I didn’t even try.”

Robin heard this and whipped another bat-a-rang out of his belt.

“Kidding!” Superboy yelled.


Later that night.

So you’re telling me that I almost lost my. Because you two were glued
together?” He asked Wondergirl.

She nodded.

“I’m so sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking. I just saw you and so.
Wait a second, what did you do when you had to do to the bathroom?” he

Wondergirl shrugged. “Hit ‘im upside the head with a bar of soap. Knocked
‘im out.”

“And when he had to go to the bathroom?” He asked.

“Hit myself upside the head with a bar of soap. Knocked m’self out.” She

“I love you.” He said

“I love you, too” she answered.

And yet another day was over in Titan’s Tower.

Part III soon!

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